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Tried this place for the first time last night because of a recommendation and ended up getting food poisoning. Never again will I eat here
Jeci Connor
Hey! My name is Jeci and I now manage the Columbia market for Postmates, the nation's largest on-demand delivery company. We are super interested in partnering up. We have had an overwhelming amount of requests to get your food featured on our app!!! Who would I need to speak to about this?
My coworkers and I usually eat at China Kitchen very often because we work near by, but after having to deal with a rude cashier that can not count. I will not be going back unless she is not there anymore. She doesn't value her job anyway so give it to someone who will value it and treat your customers with respect. I will also tell my coworkers about the horrible customer service this cashier gives. She actually closed the window in my face because she ASSUMED she was being recorded.
Jessica Rouse
Their food is really good, and for an amazing price. Customer service is wonderful!