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I Love this restaurant. Above any Chinese food restaurants I've ate at in Columbia. Both locations serve great tasty food!
Michael G Hudson
My greetings to you. I am a cultivator of bamboo. I have several hundred pounds of bamboo shoots I am looking to sale. I am currently taking orders/bids ending on June 22nd. If you are interested please contact me at: and put bamboo bid in the subject line. Thanks, Michael Hudson
Kenneth Blasco
I am on the editorial team of VoyageATL Magazine, part of the LA-based Voyage group of magazines. We write about the hidden gems of Houston and the surrounding areas - from the best local manufacturers and commercial contractors to the best places to eat, drink or get your yoga on. We're working on a series of articles featuring interviews with the Greater Atlanta area's most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent businesses and we'd like to feature you. There is no cost involved - but we'll need to interview either the owner/founder or one of the key team members. Please let me know if you would be interested in being featured. Thanks, Kenneth
Billy Mays Here! This restaurant is a disappointment to all Chinese feta fighters. Japanese are better they took u over and they're just a little island. Once u serve my opium rice like I ask I will give u better stars. You don't even deserve a star, if anything, a grain of rice rating of 0.